I’ve found I feel much more at ease on airplanes when I pretend they’re spaceships. I recognize I’d technically be much more at the risk on the latter, but the delight of pretending I’m traveling to another planet subverts this contradiction.


On my last night in town before the trip east, my brother took me to dinner at Coastal Kitchen; it was excellent spending some quality time together and be treated at the same time. He (understandably) gives me a hard time about what I order here, at what is ostensibly a fine seafood restaurant – generally, either the burger or a chicken entree, because I can never make up my mind about what I might like from the “fancy” menu, and want to avoid being disappointed. He ordered the swordfish, which I was genuinely jealous of – but my chicken and mashed potatoes were also excellent.

Then dessert happened, and all was forgiven.


Just a typical morning on Gliese 876d. Pretty much sums up how I’m feeling today.

Exploring the Kingfish Volcano
Wandered happily about the neighborhood this afternoon, taking more pictures of my son’s toys having adventures. Recovering nicely from a moderate hangover obtained from last night’s revelries with some of the gang at Chino’s (Sake), and later at the Tin Table with Kate (something fruity).

Later, toodled around Fremont for a bit, visited Merilee at Milstead, and then explored the area around Eastlake where the company might be moving to at the end of the Summer, scouting out the best bicycle route between there and home. There’s a mountain bike park under I-5 nearby!

Hafan Hedd
We moved here from the building on 19th Avenue (where Jason still lives) in 2009; we had only been looking for a week, when our friend Ariel Stallings pointed us to the listing. The place continues to be on the “cozy” side, but I still love it, and it feels like home.

Dropped Sagan and Joriel off at airport this morning. Sigh… now it’s evening, the first on my own in some time.

Tea, then dinner. Then something else.

Cynic of the Dove

Some work by our talented friend Ramon Deslauriers.