princess sagan

Yesterday at his pre-school, they played dress-up, and Sagan wanted to be a princess. This interest continued into the afternoon, so Joriel fixed him up with some of her gear. He requested a magic wand, which I was able to provide with a star-shaped block and a crayon. This morning, he dressed up again, although with other guises in mind: “Darth Vader Chimney Sweep!” for instance.

Then, right before I left for work, he said “I can be lots of things because I’m so magical!


Here’s him watching a video of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Words cannot describe how proud and delighted we are by our boy.

At a significant sleep deficit lately, so in bed by 9 and asleep by 10:30 sounds about right. Before slumber, Joriel and I watched a short doc about the Voyager probes, Carl Sagan, and Love, which you might also enjoy.

Here’s to the amazing continuing journey of my sweetie and I, along with our own wonderful Sagan.

The Voyagers from Penny Lane on Vimeo.


Hello, 2012. Photographed some of you with friends, and have found you nothing but pleasant so far. Said goodbye to 2011 last night with some others, and I love how everything fell into place on either side of midnight.

I’ve always loved the first day of the year – it feels fresh and ripe, full of light and giddy potential. It doesn’t matter that every day won’t feel as good as today – rather, that each day is acknowledged for what it offers, and what I give in return.


I’ve been looking forward to this particular year for spiritually nerdy reasons for quite some time. It’s our last great collective “apocalypse” (at least, until we come up with a new one). I don’t believe that the Sixth World will satisfy those dreaming of some great cosmic comeuppance for us all, however. Whatever changes are to come will be by our own hands, or of Nature’s ebb and flow, or just the blind whimsy of Fate. But still – it is fun to imagine that the collective desire for a something to happen might lead to Something Happening.


Anyway. There’s enough here at ground level to keep me occupied until then. Planning on blogging, scanning, photographing, laughing, loving and exploring this year as best I can manage with the help of my lovely partner in time and our mischievous imp. We took a walk this afternoon on 15th Ave, stopping in at Remedy, Victrola, Rainbow… even the well-trodden paths of our neighborhood felt new again on this sunny Winter’s day.


I love my life – in this place, with these people, in this city. It has not always been easy, but it has always been True. Thank you for the person you are in it, and for who you allow me to be in your own.